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Automatic Sleeve Wrapper - Continuous motion, Servo Type


Automatic Sleeve Wrapper – Continuous motion, Servo Type


Packaging flow chart :

Automatic Sleeve Wrapper - Continuous motion, Servo Type

Features & Function :

-Suitable for box, case, products with tray, such as: can、tin、bottle、tetra pak…etc., bundler package.
-Continuous motion with servo motor control for accurate package performance.
-Touch Panel for setting multiple items, such as: sealing temp., counter, speed, cutting position, bag length…etc., user friendly operation.
-Quick trouble shooting display for ease adjustment.
-Package process: product → conveyor delivery →continuous motion sealing & cutting→ conveyor delivery out.
-Film filling tension adjustable by air shaft.
-Apply Mitsubishi PLC controller with stable operation performance.
-Build with film replacing device, operator can easily change the film.
-Attach air flush to cool sealing in a short time for tight sealing strength.
- Equip with product entry sensor for smooth packaging process.
- Temp. controller with PID function and driven by SSR for stable heating performance.
- One piece forming blade for good operation stability.
-Abnormal warning/stop on sealing & cutting device.
-Outfeed conveyor auto delivery product after wrapping.  
-Customized machine with package process design is available upon request.

Please refer shrink tunnel according to product size for shrinking application.
5-6kg/cm2 filter is provided by buyer.

Specifications :

*package speed will be differ from product size, film and operator.

*the package range might be differ according to product size & package requirement. 

Applicable products :

box, case, carton, bundler package with tray, such as: alcohol drinks, food, soda, water, can, bottle, glass, milk, healthy drinks, PET bottle, tetra …etc., or other related products.

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