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Passion & Innovation of Package,
Made in Taiwan, Since 1977

Founded 1977 at Taiwan, TAYI YEH Machinery Co., LTD. is the professional manufacture of Shrinking & Wrapping packaging machines. The machines are exported to worldwide around 90 countries with its superior quality and stable operation performance. 

Quality & durability are the top 2 key factors to build the machine for the all years to come in TAYI YEH. Every machine is under strict standardized manufacture process from the beginning of machine body structure to the complete operation test. We have entry level manual type machines to high speed servo controlled operations to fulfill various packaging requirement.

TAYI YEH shrinking & wrapping machines are being applied widely in various industry such as: cosmetic, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, furniture, motor vehicle parts, aluminum, rubber & metal product…etc. Our machines are able to pack various products, such as: bottle, box, can, tray, disposable tableware, paper roll, long shape product, or other irregular shape products…etc.

By attending the international trade shows every year, it is not only to see the market trend but also to talk with customers directly in order to come up more advanced machines for different applications. The customized package process design from product feeding → stacking → sealing to cutting is also available upon request.

In the future, TAYI YEH will follow the 40 years machine manufacture experience, moving forward and keep to update the user friendly operation machine for customers with more efficient package works.


Made In

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Here Are Our Machine Series:

1. L sealer
2. Side sealer
3. Shrink Tunnel
4. Sleeve Wrapper
5. Shrink Bundler
6. Customized machine available upon request.


No.191, Sec. 3, Yanping Rd., Tounan Township, Yunlin County, 63048, Taiwan. 

Tel : +886-5-597-1156

Fax : +886-5-597-1159




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