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Automatic High Speed Side Sealer - Continuous Motion

TY-706-150 / TY-707-50

Automatic High Speed Side Sealer - Continuous Motion


Packaging flow chart :

Automatic High Speed Side Sealer - Continuous Motion

Machine Feature & Functions :

-Servo Motor control for ease operation and great packaging capacity.
-User friendly Touch Panel for setting multiple items, such as: sealing time, sealing jaw height, package speed…etc.
-Auto sense product to engage high speed package performance. 
-Multiple memory programs to record/read different data.
-Auto warning with quick trouble shooting display.
-Continuous motion for sealing & cutting.
-Individual motor for auto film collection. 
-Film filling tension adjustable by air shaft.
-Apply with Mitsubishi PLC controller.  
-Individual pin roller, ease adjustment on pin position & amount. 
-Apply Panasonic sensor for product entry reading. 
-Temp. controller with PID function and driven by SSR for stable heating performance.
-Auto alarm warning on sealing device.  
-CE model available.
-Customized design total package process is available upon request.
●Please refer to shrink tunnel according to product size for shrinking application. 
●5-6kg/cm2 filter air is self-prepared by buyer.

Optional device :

Air flush, stainless steel frame, sealing position adjustable…etc., other requirement available upon request.

Specifications :

*other package size available upon request.
*the package range might be differ according to product size & package requirement.
*speed will be differ according to product shape, film, and operator.

Applicable products :

notebook, booklet, magazine, facial mask, electronics, container, paper roll, tissue box, …etc.


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