Tayi Yeh Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading company in the design, manufacture and assembly of shrinkwrapping systems.

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TAYI YEH PE Shrink Tunnel Service Introduction

TAYI YEH Machinery Co., Ltd. is Taiwan PE Shrink Tunnel supplier and manufacturer with more than 41 years experence. Since 1977, in the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer and Supplier, TAYI YEH has been offering our customers high quality PE Shrink Tunnel production service. With both advanced technology and 41 years experience, TAYI YEH always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Automatic Middle Speed Sealing Machine (Reciprocating Type) & PE Shrink Tunnel
    Automatic Middle Speed Sealing Machine (Reciprocating Type) & PE Shrink Tunnel

    TY-136 (Servo) & TY-137 (Cylinder) middle speed sleeve sealing machine (not including shrink tunnel) is suitable for products in one tray pack, single carton or some simple collections of large products. Available with transparent PE shrink film (each Top and Bottom film cradle) OR printed PE film (only Top film cradle) Its speed could up to 35 packs per minute depends on the product dimensions.(Please select the suitable shrink tunnel to co-operation with sleeve sealing machine)

  • PE Shrink Tunnel
    PE Shrink Tunnel
    SA-317 PE

    From table type to high production type, the wide range of TAYI YEH srhink packaging machines are quality designed and enginneered to give extraordinary performance.

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