TY-701-120 L-Sealer

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Based in Taiwan, TAYI YEH Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the prime sealing machine | packaging machinery manufacturers since 1977.

TAYI YEH has great selections of packaging machinery such as PVC, POF and PE shrink tunnels, high speed sealer machines, shrink tunnels, shrink wrappers as well as automatic l bar sealers with total solutions. That has allowed them to become one of the packaging machinery suppliers with solid reputation.

TAYI YEH has been offering customers high quality packaging equipment. Both with advanced technology and 41 years of experience, TAYI YEH makes sure each customer's demands are met.

TY-701-120 L-Sealer


TAYI YEH TY-701-120 Auto L-Sealer comes with new standard of sealing automation, it is widely used for general industries as entry-level selection. High speed continuous production process of up to 25 PPM entirely describes significant capacity.

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  • Safety protection & alarm
  • Integrated seal knife with curved joint for smart sealing line recondition
  • Heavy duty sealing knives, no build-up & smoke whilst sealing
  • Isolated perforating rod for easy adjustment without tearing line
  • Easy operation & adjustment
  • High efficiency to maximize capacity
  • Extra pinch roller guide for better film control and saving
  • PLC control system alternative in standard program and timer control
  • Temperature, Sealing Time, Sealing Height adjustable
  • Suitable for POF & PE film


  • Production capacity*: up to 25 packs per minute
  • Conveyor speed: 26 meters per minute (constant speed)
  • Electrical: 220 Volt, mono phase, 12 Amps, 2.6 KW
  • Compressed Air requirement: 70PSI
  • Machine Dimensions: 2100(L) x 930(W) x 1580(H) mm
  • Package Range: 100-500(L) x 60-330(W) x 5-120(H) mm
  • Sealing length (End): 510 mm
  • Sealing length (Side): 640 mm
  • Maximum seal bar clearance height: 120 mm
  • Elevation: 750 mm

* Production capacity is subject to product size, type of product, shrink film material and shrink film thickness.
** Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Widely adopted by general industries such as food, canned food, electronics products, toys, salted materials, metalwares, tools, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, daily essentials for shrink wrap purpose.

TY-701-120 is a standard model. Its fixed design of conveyor belt is suited for packing various general products.TY-701-120S is equipped with closing conveyor,and suitable for smooth conveying packages either small or various shape.

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